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This could have easily been one of us

But it’s not all about pure power: a carbon fibre and aluminum chassis means the R8 is lighter, stiffer and sharper than ever.Audi Q7Price: from 45,000 (est)BMW will facelift its big selling compact executive model in 2015, and while the changes won’t be revolutionary, you can expect useful efficiency improvements not least owing to three cylinder turbo engines. These are a first for the 3 Series and are set to vastly improve the economy of base models.To keep company drivers happy (and match Jaguar’s XE), a sub 100g/km 320d will appear, while a petrol electric hybrid with 50g/km CO2 emissions is expected. And all that alongside notably improved cabin quality.BMW X5 plug in Hybrid Price: 55,000 (est)BMW 7 Series Price 60,000 (est)There’s more to the facelifted DS 5 than meets the eye.

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