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He tells how she found the courage to laugh on the worst day of

It is incurable and terminal.Now aged 22, Lucy’s MND is affecting her speech and movement. She faces impossible odds but she remains determined to fight.Brave mum battles motor neurone disease to make most of time with her little girlAs well as waging her own battle with the disease, she has raised more than for the charity MND Scotland, earning a Daily Record Our Heroes award.Lucy is an inspiration to her family and all the others touched by her courage. Here, in a heartfelt and deeply moving letter filled with love and pride, her dad Robert tells her what she means to him.He tells Lucy how immensely proud she has made him and the rest of their family.He tells how she found the courage to laugh on the worst day of her life, when doctors told her she had the terminal wasting disease.And he pays tribute to how Lucy has battled ever since to live the remainder of her life to the fullest.Letter to Lucy Tuesday, November 19, 2013 is the day I will never forget.

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