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Fast Cash Loans: How to Use Them to Climb Out of a Hole


There are some people that will tell you that no matter what you do, never go for a loan. This is an old fashioned way of thinking since there is no way getting your lights or heat turned off in the middle of winter better than extending your credit. It would be worse to miss Christmas with the kids than it would be to get a quick loan. The important thing is that a fast cash loan can get you out of a sticky situation quickly. Unlike other types of loan options, the fast cash loan is a temporary fix so you are not going to have to worry about having monthly payments for the rest of your life.

Whatever type of loan you choose, you definitely need to be certain that you are borrowing the money from a trustworthy source. Unless the company with whom you’re interested in dealing has comprehensible guidelines and policies that won’t leave you scratching your head, don’t deal with them. It’s extremely important that you fully understand the requirements of the loan, exactly when you need to pay it back. Be certain that there is someone who can answer any questions that you may have.

When your car is in the shop, a fast cash loan will enable you to get it back before your next payday. It’s not easy to hold onto your job and earn your pay when you don’t have a reliable vehicle to get you back and forth to work. The sooner you can get your needed infusion of cash, the sooner you can do things like fix your vehicle and head off to work. As you can see, there is really nothing that can hold you back anymore now that you have this type of loan option.

There are some factors that you should be cautious about. This is just like any other loan in terms of your having to worry about how you’re going to pay it back when you’re a little strapped for cash. You will be just fine as long as you are not without funds, like you were when you took the loan out To be used only for short-term problems, the fast cash loan can be a great option. If you are experiencing reoccurring, long-term difficulties, then you may need help to guide you toward a different loan option that is right for you.

Exploring the option of a fast cash loan should be done once you are more comfortable with what it is and what it can do for you. It is surprising to find the fast way you can get the money and receive it. The sooner you apply for your fast loan, the sooner you will be able to take care of things.

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2014 – Fourth Annual Fly Fest – DEC 5-7
fast loan
Image by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Northern VA
The Fourth Annual Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Fly Fest was held at Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins in Cabins, W.Va., Dec. 5-7. The event was hosted by the PHWFF Fort Belvoir and PHWFF Quantico Programs with 73 people attending, including 35 Wounded Warriors among the 50 combat Veterans. For 19 Warriors, it was the first time they had traveled to Harman’s: for four Warriors, this was the first time they had ever fly fished.

The weekend included hours of cold rain and drizzle and ended with a full day of sun on Sunday. As a milestone for the annual event, PHWFF owned all the cabins at Harman’s for the weekend.

The stream had been recently stocked by Harman’s with rainbow and brown trout, ranging in size from 17 to 20 inches. The waters were clear on Friday and fishable Saturday even during the constant rain. Sunday, the water was cloudy and fast. However, every Warrior landed fish during the three-day event. PHWFF Quantico invited Warriors from six different PHWFF programs.

Friday and Saturday evenings involved Warrior equipment giveaways and raffles prizes donated by supporters from around the country and Volunteer recognition. Friday evening included a “Fly Fishing 101” presentation by Duber Winters and Kaitlin Groundwater from the Woodbridge Orvis Store; they attended all weekend as Volunteer guides. Both evenings were filled with various fly tying instruction at different cabins on the Harman’s property. Volunteers and professional guides provided the free instruction.

For the first time, an action track motorized chair was used for a Warrior who had mobility and stability limitations. This chair allowed the Warrior access the river and fish along the bank. This Fort Belvoir Warrior was able catch his first-ever trout on a fly rod because of the availability to use the motorized chair loaned from Marine Corps Base Quantico Natural Resources Environmental Affairs.

This year’s event saw eight current Warriors transition to Volunteer Guides for new Warriors. The Warriors expressed interest in wanting to give back by helping new fly fishers learn how to catch fish.

Bigg Riggs Farm, owned by Calvin Riggleman (AKA Bigg Rigg), a Marine combat Veteran and small farmer from Loom, W.Va., provided all meals for the three-day event. Bigg Rigg has been catering for Harman’s events for PHWFF the past four years; he caters for each of our biannual trips. This year, for something new, Bigg Rigg provided a roasted, 125 pound pig on Saturday night.

Event coordinators organized a food drive for the local Petersburg Interfaith Food Pantry and asked all attendees to participate. A total of 750-800 pounds of food were donated. The pantry director visited the event on Saturday and humbly accepted the donations.

(photo by Lally Laksbergs)


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